Bec Bucci

The term international real estate describes a relatively new phenomenon, beginning in the 1980s and keeping pace with globalization. The term encompasses real property development, sales and leasing transactions across international borders. International real estate could be viewed as one of the most dynamic branches of real estate and one of the most specialised. CEO Bec Bucci brings seventeen years of experience in real estate, quality service and building long term relationships within the global network that 88 Noble services. As a principal in the real estate project marketing and investment group, co-founder of ARC, she has been responsible for the overall leadership, growth, direction, cash management and strategic planning on numerous real estate projects globally, and knows how to maximize positive outcomes for all parties involved in the transaction. Her projects have included minor and major land developments, urban infill projects, affordable housing, condo and townhouse subdivisions, planned developments, residential projects, commercial projects, high rise 6-star apartment projects and hotel chains.

Bec consults to many real estate firms, architects, financial institutions, investors within the areas of design verification studies, plans and cost estimates thus such experience makes her effective in her ability to evaluate real estate opportunities, raw land and or remodelling projects for residential or commercial use and taking these opportunities to the global market place. Her experience within the ASEAN landscape enables Bec to command a team that will successfully negotiate all foreign investments.

Successfully transacting over 240 million US dollars in her last year with IProperty as Head of International Projects and heading the directive of 9 countries throughout the ASEAN region her experience speaks for itself. Bec advocates the importance of transparency when setting project goals and sales projections that result in successful transactions.

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